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Airborne School

This is a three-week school conducted at Fort Benning, GA.

cadets preparing to repel out of helicopterAt Jump School, you'll be introduced to your best friend - your parachute. You'll get to know everything about it. How to wear it, adjust it, use it, the works. You'll also learn all the techniques needed to accomplish your mission with absolute confidence; how to stay loose, get ready for impact, let your legs absorb the shock, roll and collapse your chute quickly, release your harness, unsling your weapon, and deploy into position.
Airborne officers are considered to be among the Army's most valuable combat officers (Every member of the Rangers and Special Forces - two of the Army's most elite corps - is airborne-qualified), and all officers can benefit from "going Airborne." Being airborne-qualified will enhance an officer's value to the Army and enhance his or her own chances for a valuable career.

Cadets in good physical condition may compete for a school allocation. At Airborne school, cadets will train alongside Regular Army officers and enlisted men and women, as well as members of other armed services, to jump from an Air Force aircraft (C130 or C17). Upon completion of the course, cadets will earn the coveted Airborne Jump Wings and be parachutist qualified. 

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