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Cadet Command Staff

Portrait of c/Lt. Col. Nathan Cannon

c/Lt. Col. Nathan Cannon

Cadet Battalion Commander
Portrait of c/Maj. Abigail Bauserman

c/Maj. Abigail Bauserman

Cadet Battalion Executive Officer
Portrait of c/Command Sgt. Maj. Caleb Blanton

c/Command Sgt. Maj. Caleb Blanton

Cadet Command Sergeant Major
Portrait of c/Maj. Matthew Stacy

c/Maj. Matthew Stacy

Cadet Chaplain
Portrait of c/Capt. Sam Parekh

c/Capt. Sam Parekh

Battalion Public Affairs Officer
Portrait of c/Capt. Jeffrey Greiner

c/Capt. Jeffrey Greiner

S1 (Personnel Officer)
Portrait of c/Capt. Abigail Hommer

c/Capt. Abigail Hommer

S2 (Intelligence Officer)
Portrait of c/Maj. Geo Lim

c/Maj. Geo Lim

S3 (Operations Officer)
Portrait of c/Sgt. Maj. Skyeler Antonino

c/Sgt. Maj. Skyeler Antonino

S3 SGM (Operations NCO)
Portrait of c/Capt. Natalie Rogers

c/Capt. Natalie Rogers

S4 (Logistics Officer)
Portrait of c/Capt. Aubrey Hoover

c/Capt. Aubrey Hoover

S5 (Civil Affairs Officer/Liaison)
Portrait of c/Capt. Jay Siliphet

c/Capt. Jay Siliphet

S6 (Signals and IT Officer)
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